What We Can Do For You

Our airports, and more importantly the air service they provide, are critical to our region's economy and continued prosperity. Sustaining the long-term expansion of the region's international and domestic air service will require Washington Dulles International, as the region's growth airport, to be positioned as the most profitable and attractive gateway location for the airlines on the East Coast. In addition to good airport infrastructure, that means effective air traffic control and federal security services, good ground access for passengers and cargo shipments, compatible land uses so as not to limit the airport's growth potential due to noise issues, as well as user-friendly airport capacity and Open Skies aviation policies.

How we, as a region, maximize our airports' potential, and in particular the expansion capacity at Dulles Airport, will be a major determinant of our region's future prosperity and quality of life. Therefore, we will continue to work on issues, from federal aviation policy to airport access, and strive to generate a deeper understanding of the strategic role air transportation plays in our region's evolution, so that optimal use is made of our region's airport capacity.

Through all our activities, we strive to foster an understanding of the important role played by air transportation in economic, tourism and employment growth, and thus in the maintenance of our quality of life.